How to connect to the macOS VPS from Windows

There are a few ways to connect to the macOS VPS from Windows, such as: VNC, Teamviewer, etc.

Option 1: Using VNC

  1. Download and install a VNC Viewer, we would suggest RealVNC
  2. Open RealVNC, put in the VPS’s main IP in the information email we sent then hit Enter:

3. A pop-up will appear, choose “Don’t warn me about this again on this computer” then click on “Continue”

4. Enter the VPS’s password, click on Remember password then OK:

5. Enter the password again:

6. Then you will see the macOS VPS’s desktop:


Option 2: Using Teamviewer

  1. Download and install Teamviewer on your PC:
  2. Connect to the macOS VPS via VNC then install Teamviewer Host, you can follow the steps here:
  3. Open Teamviewer on your PC then connect to the VPS, that’s all!